If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place.

- Lord Halifax

The Need for Lawyers

With the passage of time and ever-growing needs of human beings, the need of lawyers became increasingly popular in almost every part of the world. Regardless of the geographic, demographic, religious, ethnic and moral differences between societies and countries across the globe, the demand of services of individuals who knew law and could assist in this regard, kept on increasing dramatically.

In the modern era, especially in the developed of the world, consulting a lawyer is considered to be a part of everyday life. Due to effective law, people have trust in the judicial system of their respective countries. However, during the Richard Nixon presidential reign, the masses of United States loss their trust in the judicial system following the famous Watergate scandal. Several books were published regarding self-representation in United States courts.

But after sometime, United States again experienced a high rise in the number of lawyers countrywide. Majority of US citizens today have high level of trust in their judiciary. Matters of every sort, be it an individual looking a house for rent, couple filing a divorce or trying to retain custody of their children, corporate sector seeking justice from a wrongful act committed by the tax collection department of the government, every matter needs a professional lawyer who can win the lawsuit in their favor. This eventually had led to the ever-increasing demand of professional lawyers nationwide.

A noticeable and prominent point had been raised every now and then by specific part of society which, directly or indirectly, negates the fact that lawyers are the ones who should be approached to, whenever an individual is seeking for justice. Many believe that normally, lawyer bypasses the actual guidelines and foundations of justice for personal gains. In the United States, law and medical are professions with highest income level. Due to this fact, people often criticize this profession as a whole, but still can’t find any other option rather than hire a lawyer themselves when they’re faced with legal issues!

The implementation of effective law plays a vital role in the need of a lawyer for an individual. As far as the Third World countries are concerned, people hesitate to file a lawsuit against someone, especially if the individual or company is much more powerful than him/her. Most of the times, disputes are resolved outside the courts of law, or the other extreme takes place, people commit criminal offence against someone they have a dispute with, due to their distrust in the judicial system of their country.

But globally, there is a high demand for every sort of lawyers within different sectors of a nation. Whether it’s a myth created by some that lawyers don’t really care about justice, or a fact that takes place daily in the courts of law, still every individual and company always looks for a well-reputed lawyer so that they can hire their expertise and eventually get the case in their favor. Irrespective of all the myths and critics, one thing is for sure, a good lawyer will do anything to win a lawsuit, sometimes he or she might even tell the truth!

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